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New digital, radio, and broadcast ads by Hurtigruten Group will teach Americans in Denver and Minneapolis how to pronounce the company’s name like a Norwegian.
New digital, radio, and broadcast ads by Hurtigruten Group will teach Americans in Denver and Minneapolis how to pronounce the company’s name like a Norwegian.

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Designed to educate American consumers about the tongue-twisting pronunciation of the company’s name - alongside iconic imagery of its destinations - new ads showcase Hurtigruten Expeditions in Denver and Hurtigruten Norway in Minneapolis-St Paul

(September 13, 2022) – Hurtigruten Group, the world's leading adventure travel company, officially unveiled its latest broadcast, radio, and digital advertising campaign today in Denver and Minnesota’s ‘Twin Cities.’ Conceived to drive brand name awareness – by teaching consumers how to pronounce Hurtigruten – the campaign showcases the Hurtigruten Expeditionsand Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Express brands through iconic destination photography alongside the tagline ‘Hard to say. Impossible to forget.’ The $2 million campaign marks the most significant investment by the company in a single campaign in US, which will last two months, and for the first time, features radio and billboard advertising.

“As we emerge from the pandemic and more travelers plan their next unforgettable trip, we want to be front and center,” said Jeffrey Oar, President of Hurtigruten Americas. “The Denver area is home to potential travelers who enjoy the great outdoors, exploration, and discovery, and whose interests we think align with the array of destinations and approach of our Hurtigruten Expeditions brand. In Minneapolis and St. Paul, a large community with Norwegian ancestry connects with the Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Express product, which takes guests into some of the most remote and beautiful communities in Norway. We intend to showcase the destination in the most authentic way possible, starting by pronouncing our name the correct way!”

Hurtigruten’s new campaign features a series of creative assets, which were created in-house, including digital billboards, web banners, and both radio and television spots, all showcasing the sights and sounds of signature Hurtigruten Group destinations.

Impossible to forget
From the renowned islands of the Galapagos to Antarctica and the western coast of Africa, Hurtigruten Expeditions, the world’s leading expedition cruise company, offers unrivaled experiences aboard some of the world’s most desirable vessels, including the first battery-hybrid powered ships in the world. Guests can opt for warm-weather getaways in the Caribbean or embark on a once-in-a-lifetime pole-to-pole journey, all with a sustainability-first approach backed by the company’s expert team of expedition leaders, guides, lecturers, and onboard state-of-the-art Science Centers, which Hurtigruten were the first to introduce, overseen by the cruise industry’s only Chief Scientist, Dr. Verena Meraldi.

New digital, radio, and broadcast ads by Hurtigruten Group will teach Americans in Denver and Minneapolis how to pronounce the company’s name like a Norwegian.

The Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Express, which has been operating along the Norwegian coast since 1893, offers one of the most unique ways to experience the destination. Originally designed as a ferry service promising Hurtigruten, “the fast route,” today, Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Express is part expedition cruise, part local ferry, part cargo transport ships, serving as a vital lifeline that connects 34 communities along the rugged coast. Guests experience daily life as a local while taking in some of the world's most picturesque and iconic landscapes.

In 2023, to celebrate 130 years of being Norway’s lifeline, Hurtigruten Norway will launch the Svalbard Express and the North Cape Express, the first-ever high-end cruise offerings from Hurtigruten Norway. A revival of the Coastal Express’ iconic summer voyage, the Svalbard Express will set sail on board the fully refurbished MS Trollfjord, visiting the Arctic Circle under the Midnight Sun and crossing the Barents Sea to Svalbard to bask in its pristine wilderness at the edge of the world. In winter, the North Cape Express will – for the first time – sail out of Oslo to Norway’s oldest lighthouse at Lindesnes, the country’s southernmost point, and take travelers to the snow-covered northernmost point of Norway’s North Cape at 71° north.

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Hurtigruten Group - World leader in exploration travel

Hurtigruten Group is the world's leading adventure travel company, allowing guests to explore the most unique destinations in a sustainable and meaningful way.

With headquarters in Oslo, Norway, Hurtigruten Group has a proud expedition heritage and is committed to working with the best green technology to ensure our products are safe and respectful towards nature, wildlife, and the communities we visit.

Hurtigruten Group has a comprehensive portfolio encompassing three business areas: Hurtigruten Expeditions, which was founded in 1896, and is the world’s largest and leading expedition cruise operator offering small-ship expedition cruising to around 250 destinations to more than 30 countries. Hurtigruten Norway, which operates Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Express, considered ‘the world’s most beautiful voyage' has been sailing along the Norwegian coastline since 1893. Hurtigruten Svalbard, one of the most exclusive tour operators in the industry, offers land-based adventures on the spectacular Arcticarchipelago.


Anders Lindström

Anders Lindström

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